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Movement skills and active video games

Measuring the quantity and quality of children's movement while playing active video games


Project Details

The aim of this research is to assess the amount of fundmantel movement skills children perform while playing active video games. 

We approached the assessment of movement while playing active video games in two ways.  Firstly, while playing a range of different active video games, children were video recorded for later analysis.  Two raters independently counted the number of fundmantal movements children perform during 15 minutes of game play.  The total number of movements was reported across 35 children and two games.

The second approach to assessing fundamental movement skills was to use the Kinect sensor to record movement during game play.  Using the Kinect skeletal tracking abilities, several algorithms were developed to measure the number of different fundamental movement skills achieved by children.

The results of this research are still being prepared for publication 





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