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UWA reach

Research to improve the lives of Western Australians

Our mission

We need to reach 500,000 Western Australians.

Western Australia is an amazing place to call home. And right now, you have the opportunity to make it even better.

Join our movement to help our state become the healthiest and happiest in Australia. By taking part in important research projects, you'll be giving back to your community and influencing decisions that affect us all.

We also invite you to become a champion, helping to grow our network of participants to ensure all Western Australians are well represented.

Our aim

Our aim

It is our aim to give every Western Australian a voice.

We can achieve this by connecting Western Australians from all walks of life with important research projects. Researchers are able to promote the type of research they are conducting and invite interested people to contribute.

The more people that participate, the greater the quality and influence of our research.

Get involved today!

Our research influences community health, education and other structural change, improving where we live, learn, play and work.

Our research

Healthier, happier communities.

Your participation can result in real community benefits! Research topics include mental health, community events and issues relating to smoking and gambling.

Valuable, non-commercial research.

We are UWA academics and do not engage in commercial market research. You will not receive unsolicited emails, commercial product advertising or third party promotions.

Full privacy. One trusted point of contact.

Rest assured, your information is kept strictly confidential in accordance with privacy laws. No third party will contact you unless you have provided permission.

Want to find out more about our research? View our projects

of organisations that receive health sponsorship have health policies such as no smoking, healthy food and sun protection.


of surveyed Western Australians participate in sport at least once a month.


of the community are supportive of restricting gambling sponsorship of elite sport 

These statistics have been discovered through our various research projects.

Join our growing community and influence real research projects right now!

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Frequently asked questions

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What type of research am I participating in?

You will only be invited to participate in projects that have a community benefit. We do not engage in commercial market research. You will not receive any unsolicited emails form us, commercial product advertising, or third party promotions.

What is a project that benefits the community?

UWA Reach projects need to have University recognised human research ethics approval. To obtain ethics approval a researcher must demonstrate their research has a benefit to the community. Ethics approval also outlines the rights of participants, how their information will be protected and how the research will be disseminated.

Why would I want to participate?

The purpose of UWA Reach is to facilitate Western Australian’s to participate in research that benefits their community. By participating your voice can be heard and you will be contributing to research that can impact your community.

Does it cost anything to participate?

There is no cost to be involved in UWA Reach.

Is my information confidential?

Your information is held and operated within the University of Western Australia computer network. We operate in accordance with National Health and Medical Council ethical guidelines and with UWA Human Research Ethics approval to establish and conduct UWA Reach.

Your information is treated in strict confidence. UWA Reach administrators are bound by Privacy laws that mean we cannot disclose your details to any third party without your explicit permission. We will email you on behalf of researchers, or advertise for participants on our website. You will not be contacted by any third party unless you have provided permission to that party.

You can request for your details to be removed from our database and withdraw from any current project at any time without prejudice.

The Health Promotion Evaluation Unit has been operating since 1992 within the University of Western Australia and conducting a wide range of research and evaluation activities for health and government agencies.

What is the research being used for?

The research is used to provide information to Government, Non-Government and local agencies to inform their practices and policies.

Where can I read more about the research?

More information and details of our research can be found here

How do I get started?

Starting is easy; you can sign up now to be a UWA Reach Champion. You can also help spread the word by letting others know about UWA Reach.

How many projects do I need to particpate in?

You will be invited to participate in three research projects each year. You decide at the time whether you wish to participate in the research project. There is no minimum number of projects you have to complete to be a UWA Reach champion.

Who are the researchers?

UWA Reach researchers are all employees of the University whose research focus is on the improvement of people.

How will UWA Reach contact me?

UWA Reach communicates through email. Three times a year we will email you with invitations to participate in research projects. Periodically we will also email you information on UWA Reach activities.

What if I don’t want to participate in a research project?

Once you receive an invitation to participate in a research project, you consider what is involved and if you are interested. You are not obligated to participate in any research project and can decline without prejudice.

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