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Creating 'healthy' clubs

An evaluation of Healthway's Healthy Clubs Sponsorships.


Project Details

The healthy club sponsorship program was instigated in 1995, through Sports Medicine Australia with funding from Healthway. The program offers sponsorships to sport clubs in exchange for the implementation of health policies, increased participation and reach into new target groups. Currently, up to $2000.00 is offered to clubs for the implementation of a range of healthy club initiatives. As part of the current program introduced in 2001, clubs receiving sponsorship are required to develop and implement several health related policies in the areas of tobacco, alcohol, nutrition, sun protection, sport safety and illicit drugs, provide education and training to players and officials, as well as promote the healthy club message. 

A Healthy Club is an organisation that is well managed and provides a healthy and safe environment for players, coaches, officials and spectators. Characteristics of a Healthy Club may include: having smoke free areas, healthy food options available, a sun protection policy and practices in place, a safe training/playing environment, responsible service of alcohol and a ban on the use of illicit drugs and performance enhancing drugs. 

From an administrative perspective, a Healthy Club is incorporated, has an efficient/effective administration, provides sufficiently qualified coaches/officials, has a clear long-term plan, encourages access and equity amongst players and spectators and has appropriate risk management procedures and insurance cover. 

Suggested Citations:

Rosenberg M, French S, Connell D, Clarke S and Wood L. Evaluation of the 2004/2005 Summer Healthy Club Sponsorship Program, Health Promotion Evaluation Unit, School of Population Health, The University of Western Australia Perth; 2005. 

Rosenberg M, Wood L, Bosch D, French S. Organisational Survey 2005: Healthy Clubs. Health Promotion Evaluation Unit, School of Population Health, The University of Western Australia, Perth, 2006. 



2004 2005 Summer Healthy Club Sponsorship Program Evaluation PDF 347.41kB Download
2005 Healthy Clubs Report PDF 407.64kB Download
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