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Recreation and health profiles among Western Australian adults in 2015

This periodic survey on recreation and health captures the extent to which Western Australians' engage in various recreational activities across sport, arts and community groups as well as their own health related engagement.


Project Details

Presented in a series of four reports, this survey collected information on Western Australians' engagement with sport, arts and racing organisations; their awarenss of a number of health messages; their reported health behaviours relating to smoking, alcohol consumption, fast food consumption, fruit and vegetable consumption & participation in physical activity; and, their mental wellbeing.

The reports presented below focus on the 2015 data collection of this periodic survey. Previous data collections of the survey were conducted in July/August 1992, September 1998, October 2002, October 2006, November 2010, and August 2015. The seven surveys accessed respondents aged 16 and over residing in Western Australia, with sample sizes of 2629, 2009, 1337, 3023, 1997, 2005, and 1,042 respectively.


2015 Survey on Recreation and Health_1992-2015_SAR Enagagement PDF 1.21MB Download
2015 Survey on Recreation and Health_Health Message Awareness PDF 682.47kB Download
2015_Survey on Recreation and Health_Engagement in various health related behaviours PDF 544.29kB Download
2015 Survey on Recreation and Health_Mental Wellbeing PDF 523.85kB Download
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