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Low cost health sponsorships

This 2006 study evaluated the impact of sponsorships valued at under $5000 in terms of the cognitive impact of promoted health messages on sponsored event attendees.


Project Details

Healthway’s sponsorship program commenced in 1991 and provides funding to sport, arts and racing organisations in exchange for health promotion opportunities at sport, arts and racing events. 

These health promotion opportunities include the promotion of an appropriate health message, commonly relating to smoking, alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, physical activity, sun protection, safe sex, child safety and sports injury prevention, via a range of sponsorship strategies. These strategies include naming and presentation rights, signage, celebrity endorsements, healthy product sampling and logos printed on clothing, tickets or equipment (Saunders, Timperio et al. 2002). 

Healthway also focuses on achieving structural and policy change associated with its sponsorship program. While sponsorships receiving $20 000 or more are required to have formal written policies, Healthway encourages all organisations in receipt of sponsorship to develop and implement structural changes to promote supportive environments for health. 

This report presents findings from a study investigating the effectiveness of sport, art and racing sponsorships valued at $5000 or less, in raising awareness of sponsored health messages and the implementation of healthy policy/structural supports.

Suggested Citation:

Rosenberg M, Connell D, Wood L, Bosch D. An evaluation of Healthway sponsorships valued up to $5000. Health Promotion Evaluation Unit, School of Population Health, The University of Western Australia, Perth 2006. 


2006 Evaluation of Healthway sponsorships valued up to $5000 PDF 766.52kB Download
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