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What works in sponsorship

This project aimed to summarise the evidence surrounding effective strategies in health promotion sponsorship


Project Details

Since 1992, Healthway has offered health promotion sponsorship to sport, arts and community groups in exchange for the promotion of health messages and the provision of healthy environments at their events.

The objectives of the sponsorship program are; to encourage healthy lifestyles through the effective promotion of health messages relating to Healthway priority areas; to reduce, where ever possible, the promotion of unhealthy messages and brands which undermine Healthway objectives; to facilitate structural and policy change within organisations and venues to create healthy environments; and to increase opportunities for priority populations to participate in healthy activities with either physical activity and/or social engagement benefits.

This project aimed to provide a summary of key technical report evidence for effective promotional strategies implemented at Healthway sponsored events, within the context of environmental and community support.


2015 What works in sponsorship PDF 1.66MB Download
Infographic summary of Healthway Sponsorship Program PDF 587.41kB Download
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